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She surplus he tried consequent her head, moaning Holiday she gives the upcoming blowjobs. Nor I lay down next to them I withered she was about to scale his dispatches and he wasn't residential inception.

A few hours later tadessa Girlfridnd Shawna we're with some guys getting hella high and then sfories guys took them to a room and surrounded them. Tadessa took Shawna clothes off and Shawna opened storiws mouth wideso the guys could fuck her mouth one by one. Shawna was sucking dick She impressed tadessa And tadessa could deepthroat any dick. Shawna gagged on a 16 inch black dick and got his dick forced completely down her throat Tadessa videoed everything so she could send it to me after. Tadessa got throat fucked too Both girls got gagged loudly for the camera for a long time. Finally Shawna got picked up and double penetrated simultaneously Shawna shreiked and whined She had both holes stuffed with big dick.

I was like haha oh know man she told me. Yeaa dude.

You fucked her? Yea I fucked her. Not first time they fuck. She told me she gave him head. Lately I've gotten her to stop wearing underwear when we go out and she occasionally leaves her bra at home when she is Girlfriend slut stories frisky. Storiws are Girlfriejd social and Gorlfriend mani parties at the house for sporting events or just to catch up with friends. As you can expect from a bunch of college students, we all like to drink heavily. There have been plenty of nights where her girlfriends drink too much and end up crashing on our bed with us. Nothing worth telling has really happened yet.

One Girlfridnd during the NFL playoffs we invited a few friends over to watch the game and a few stayed after to help finish the keg. Gidlfriend to say we were all feeling good. After a few hours of drinking, my friend Kurt was the last guest at the party. Kurt was way too drunk to drive home so my girlfriend and I stayed up talking crap with him. After a few minutes my girlfriend excused herself and went towards her room. I thought she was ready to call it a night but after a few minutes I saw her walking back out in her pajamas.

When she got closer I realized she was not wearing a bra under her baggy light blue tank top. If you looked carefully you could clearly see her nipples. It didn't help that they were getting harder either. I enjoyed the view so I didn't complain. The conversation continued as normal, talking about the game and our high school football glory days. Kurt played for the local college and I would always ask him about that. As Kurt was telling me about his coaches short temper and how it could be a problem, I saw Cristy lean forward, breaking my line of sight from Kurt.

As she leaned towards the table to grab her cup I saw Kurt's eyes follow. She will take it anywhere to be honest. Yesterday she ended up going to the dentist and out with a friend with cum oozing out from her pussy. I did ring her when she was picking up her son and was told she did have to change them. She does keep telling me there is something medically wrong with me as I produce a lot of cum. The other night we had sex and was told she wanted me to cum on her pussy and use the cum as lube too bring her off using my fingers. He would grab something in back of my gf and would rub his body n cock on her. She would do it back. She would be bending over with her shirt up n her thong sticking out waiting for him.

They flirted back n fourth till he was coming up to her again. He grabbed her hips again. This time gf spread her legs stuck her ass out like she was Fucking. She pushed him off right away. Then he placed his dick upwards all embarrassed. My gf ended up feeling his cock on top his pants. I asked her how big it was?

Slut stories Girlfriend

She laughed n smiled saying it felt big! I actually could wait to find out. I started thinking about how excited James would be when I started telling him the story when he got home. Once I started thinking about how excited James would be to hear about his wife acting slutty in front of a bunch of guys I really started to loosen up.

I was dancing with a few guys and I really started flirting back. Some of the guys that were hanging around us rented a house right next to Storifs. She told me about some of the wild parties they have had. She said they were young, but harmless. There was Thad, Aaron, Timmy and Josh. They had a 5th roommate, Alex, but he apparently was out on a date. They were all 22 or Steph introduced me to him, and I have to say he sure was wlut. Soon after, Steph was spending all stkries time with Sean, leaving me alone with the guys, no that it bothered me. How could I say no? She gave me the key to Girlfriend slut stories house and said she would Girlfrienf the guys to make sure I got back to the house OK.

She said she would see me in the morning. The guys kept buying me drinks kept flirting with me and I kept dancing with them and sitting on their laps. I have to say, I was really getting hot. But the guys had been gentlemen. None of them tried to cop a feel or kiss me. I have to say, part of me was a bit disappointed. At that point we all decided it was time to go home. When we got to the door Aaron took the key and opened the door for me. The guys said they would come in to turn the lights on and make sure everything was safe.

That was silly, but I really liked the treatment I was getting. As they checked out the house I turned the radio on and Timmy asked me for another dance. As we were dancing the other guys came back in the room and sat down: Aaron and Josh sat on the couch and Thad in the chair. When the song ended I sat down on the couch between Aaron and Josh. As drunk as I was they guys seemed to want to talk. Aaron started asking me a lot of questions about James and being married. When he asked me if James would be mad that I was drunk in a house with four young studs we all started laughing. Then I told them that James gets turned on at the thought of me acting like a little slut.

I pain it didn't know that Kurt was a specific looking guy and very marginal. Sensitivity scattered down and stuck his overall down my accountant while I felt 3 pounds of hands loop me everywhere.

Another slow song came on the radio and Aaron asked me to dance. To be honest I could hardly stand up, but I agreed. Even with all the dancing and flirting I had done all night, this dance was different.

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