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Movie Review: Flipped with Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe

How did all of that come to be. One day we did to the latest and the centre park. Try another?.

Flipped is about young love. Have either of you had a boyfriend or girlfriend? CM I've had a girlfriend. Not anymore, because it's kind of hard to do long distance.

Meta Carroll: MC I'll take a january of him and have him spending it for you. So many variables can relate to her as well - you can see that she's been through it before, too.

MC No. I have three brothers, and they'd torture me sating I ever told them I liked a Maxeline. Any relationship advice for your peers? CM I'm not very good at relationships, but my advice is to go for it. MC Callan, does it suck for a boy to be stuck in the "friends zone"? CM I went to an all-boys school, so there haven't been many "friend zone" situations for me yet. The film is set in the s.

Do you think your relationship will resonate with kids your age? MC I think it's pretty accurate. It's the same as today. We just have different ways of communicating now. CM And we wear less-awesome clothes. So you liked the film's retro outfits? MC I liked the high-water pants—they were fun to wear, but I think if you wore them to school nowadays, you'd get beat up. CM Yeah, you'd definitely get punched in the head. Do you think you could have survived in the s? CM If I didn't have prior knowledge that there would be awesome technology in the future, I'd be able to survive.

This is Reiner's first film for your generation. Have either of you seen any of his earlier work? MC I love Misery. It's one of my favorite movies he's done. They're all great. What's next for you guys? I plan to stay in acting as long as I can. CM Wait. Gerard Butler from ? MC Yeah. CM Oh my god. And yes my friends are jealous! You character Juli is a bit of an outdoor girl - she raises chickens and likes to be adventurous. Are you anything like Juli in real life? My brothers and I love playing outside and climbing trees.

We really love sports too - I think siites probably my favorite. Was it weird that the film was set in the '60s? What was the siges part of time warping? My mcakliffe parts were the cars and bikes. Instead of the bikes having one of those bells, they had buttons that mcaulifre would press and they were like a mini car horn. I also loved the hair and makeup as well. The makeup was very cat-eye like - that was the ''thing'' back then. Although my character didn't wear anything like that, Dennis, the makeup artist on the movie, did me up one day all '60s-inspired and I absolutely loved it.

While you weren't shooting, did you spend time with the cast? What did you guys do to bond off set? The whole cast was always bonding off set. We would grill, go to the pool, and play basketball. One day we went to the lake and the water park. Another day we went rock climbing. It was so much fun because there were so many kids on set. We would have scooter races. Callan and Israel [Broussard] always won but I blame that on them being bigger. It was like summer camp. Callan McAuliffe mentioned leaving a Robert Pattinson life-size cutout outside of your hotel door as a prank!

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What was your initial reaction? And what did you end up doing with it? At first Datign screamed and then they popped out from behind and we all started laughing. It was really funny! I had it for a long time, but then my little brother got a hold of it and destroyed it. Rest in peace. So, you're a Twi-Hard! Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Jacob, definitely! I felt so bad for him in New Moon. And his abs are amazing. Did you have a friend like Bryce growing up who you were crushing on? I definitely had crushes growing up and I had the same approach as my character, Juli - I tried to be a tomboy and would try to beat all the boys at different things, like races.

But boys didn't like it too much when I won!

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