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So intuitive, witty, down to earth, big heart, tells it like it is, true Southern hospitality. She wants only the best Matchaking her clients and to Match,aking the LOVE! You were my guiding light and there to prevent me from making a misinformed and careless mistake. After the standard meeting to understand my dating preferences, I began meeting some very nice women. Although the first couple of women were not a perfect fit, I was recently matched with an amazing and beautiful woman! I cancelled my match account today! As far as I'm concerned - this program with Laurie was the best investment I ever made!

The experience was worth every penny I spent.

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I am feeling a shift already and I have begun listening to Attached on Audible. Living at Southminster is a choice. With the burden of home ownership removed and the support of underlying care at hand, a whole world of opportunities open up for you to continue to live a full and exciting life on your terms…a life of independence, security and peace of mind. Living at Southminster is a choice — a choice to live purposely in a community that embraces the individual, relishes contribution, and pays high praise to inspiration in a setting of beauty, independence and privacy. All while having the assurance of knowing that the things most important to you are well managed, your health, your loved ones, and your home.

How will I know when I am ready to move to a retirement community? Obviously, making the move to a retirement community is a personal decision that needs to be made by every individual. We suggest that people move while they are physically capable of making a move and mentally able to enjoy the lifestyle here at Southminster. May I customize my cottage or apartment? We encourage all of our residents to create their own ideal living space — we can even help you with the planning and execution.

Additionally, Southminster is approved to making a few in the smaller Charlotte wee through its adverse work and donations. From high-demand, larger, more important homes, a modern equity center with substantial increaseand railroad frames, Southminster exports to set the bar for what do payment should be.

sokthminster Depending on the extent of your renovations, you may have to get written approval before you begin. Ownership of the addition or change automatically accrues to Southminster. Is additional storage space to apartments available? Yes, each apartment has an additional storage area located off one of the residence halls.

Will I pay real-estate taxes or need to carry home insurance? You will not pay any real estate taxes associated with your residence at Southminster. Do I have to be charlitte with one of the sponsoring churches to live at Southminster? Definitely not! Southminster reaches out to people from all walks of life, and all faiths, and encourages them to become a part of charotte community. Are pets welcome at Southminster? Yes, we welcome your well-behaved cat or dog. There is a small one-time pet deposit required. How many vehicles may I bring? Most of our residents who drive bring their cars, although couples often find they can easily get along with only one.

Although charlootte was often called JJ or Jake during her teenage years, she preferred to be called Jeanie. In high school, she worked cgarlotte a soda jerk at Collin's Drugstore, where she acquired her life-long love of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. She always cherished the memories and lifelong friends she made while growing up in Frankfort. Jeanie graduated from Western Michigan University in She often said one of the best benefits Matchmaking in southminster charlotte working on campus was cnarlotte to the MSU Marching Band practice from her office window.

During this time she developed a passion for fashion, becoming such a regular at Jacobson's Department Store that she would get calls whenever a new shipment of clothes arrived. The Atlantic Crossing. The big challenge, of course, was to avoid gaining a pound a day, as is the average for eouthminster ship passengers. We would recommend it Matchmakinv anyone. We spent charlitte three weeks in Spain, most of the time in Valencia where we exchanged homes with southminsted Parello family. Other highlights in Spain were the excellent restaurant meals, the best we had on the whole trip, the beauty and charm of the historic areas, the dynamism and excitement of Madrid, charlote the distressed state of the economy with high debt and high unemployment, and the friendliness of the population even though language was a barrier.

In Spain we souhtminster Matchmaking in southminster charlotte graffiti on a large scale, especially in Valencia, which signaled, to me anyway, that all was not well in Europe. In Madrid, of course, my wallet was stolen in something like the first two minutes we wandered out Matchhmaking our hotel. What did you expect? Both experiences were bittersweet because we do not know when we will see them again, and we are all getting up there in years. Some of us have health issues. Paris really captured me this time.

We probably averaged walking close to ten miles a day, enjoying the fine spring weather and the street atmosphere that is uniquely Paris. Brittany was also special. There is nothing more beautiful than the French countryside, and no countryside in France more beautiful than the maritime countryside with its huge tidal variations, tidal estuaries and deep green pastures and fields. The best part of the French leg, of course, was spending time with people we love. The only stop in Germany was a four-day visit to Berlin where we met our close friends, John and Grace Curry, now living in Ashville, who flew over to join us for this leg.

This was the first time that I had visited Berlin, and the city lived up to its reputation as one of the most dynamic and exciting in the world. What impressed us most was the how the city had been totally rebuilt from the massive destruction of World War II and how tasteful and, in many instances, spectacular the architecture was. Though to a local person there probably remain big differences, as a tourist I was not able to discern what was formerly East Berlin from West Berlin. Most significant was how the Germans have not swept the Nazi period under the rug. There is a Holocaust Museum and plenty of information about this horrific period.

The city then was drab and gray with few places to eat, not much food on the grocery shelves, and pretty dismal. On this trip, while it was not as vibrant as Berlin, compared to what it was 35 years earlier and from the view of our Western eyes, it was thriving. Interestingly our Polish captain of the Hanjin Copenhagen disputed that life is better since job security is not what it used to be and the safety net has shrunk. The old section of the city had been fully restored and new high-rise buildings have gone up downtown. Restaurants and retail stores were everywhere. We joined John and Grace in attending the parade and daylong ceremonies honoring the Polish constitution, and the large crowds seemed happy and proud to be Polish.

The second day there John and I took a day trip to Auschwitz, a moving experience that I have described in the blog. Talk about resilience and perseverance! Few nations have endured the hardships they have and have come back time after time. We said goodbye to the Curries and made our way via overnight train through Belarus to Moscow. Embry and I had been here in and were not prepared for the total transformation that had occurred here as well, with all the new high-rises, fancy shops and malls. The real highlight of the Russian leg, however, was the great Siberian Railroad Journey across the country ending up in Beijing, a little over two weeks later.

We were one of five Americans among the passengers, mainly from Europe, and half the fun was getting to know many of them. The side trips every day exposed us to typical Siberian cities, most of them with populations around a million, not the kind of cities that you would want to live in necessarily—still a bit drab, frigid in the winter, scorching hot in the summer—but you got the feeling the Russians were really trying to move forward. The vastness and beauty of the Siberian landscape was to us as stunning as it was in with very few changes in the villages, which still looked forlorn and forgotten. You did get the feeling that the country remains in a kind of malaise, saddened by the loss of world status and uncertain of the future.

Good leadership will be critical in helping Russia find its new position in the world. Putin continues to be popular, especially when he rattles the nationalism cages, and for us Westerners he is a bit scary. Still on the Siberian Railroad tour, we spent three days passing through Mongolia, a vast and empty country of nomads and high plains, squeezed between two monster countries, Russia and China, neither of which they trust. During the Russian Communist era, they were a vassal state, which Stalin did his best to destroy. Musicians with ancient stringed instruments sat in the sand playing ancient tunes as the sun rose to turn the desert first orange and then yellow.

We spent almost a month in this extraordinary country and for good reason.

A large number of blog posts were devoted to what we saw and experienced there. In a word, it was overwhelming. I was in China in when there was no such thing as a high-rise building and no experience in building new buildings or transportation infrastructure. The number and size of apartment and office buildings in every city we visited stunned us. Train stations were the size of our airline terminals. Their metro system was the equivalent of what you can find in London or Moscow but newer, faster and more pleasant. Over the past 25 years hundreds of millions of people have risen out of poverty. Their problems related to over building, over investment, and their shaky stock market are headlines in the U.

Many problems remain, the environmental issue probably being number one. How they handle this one affects not only the Chinese but also the rest of the world. We all need to hope and pray that they succeed.

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