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Unit loads Transportation fleet mix For e sion we indicated the preceding logistics decisions, as well as a information required to make the decision. These decisions may re previously defined customer service objectives, the availability cial, human, material and equipment resources including pr and distribution Taboun charfaand the additional information n the definition of customer service. The mission and functions of warehousing for long-term storage versus cross-docking depend on the custome objectives, the nature of demand, and the characteristics of t ucts. Alternate classification systems and hierar possible, but the underlying decisions and inter-relationships individual decisions would not change.

Order picking procedures It s understood that each decision may depend on a cumulative col previous decisions and associated additional information. All the decisions described in this section, along with their im predecessors and the additional information required are summ a table in the Appendix to assist the reader.

Charfa Taboun

Addition mation on available transportation modes, product characteris standards and regulations is required. Fredendall, L. Types of material handling equipment Type of packaging Degree of consolidation Several key decisions that the facilities are as follows:

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