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Child Abuse hours Officers responded to the above address to investigate a domestic disturbance. The officers discovered that an older brother battered a younger sibling with an extension cord. The officers developed probable cause for the arrest of the older brother who was not home at the time. After the officers left the residence, the older brother returned to the residence and confronted the younger sibling for reporting the incident to police. The older brother suspect decided to batter the victim a second time with the same extension cord Officers responded the residence a second time and began to search the neighborhood for the older brother who had since left the residence.

Officers made contact with the suspect in a nearby park. The suspect fled from officers on foot. A perimeter was established and K-9 officers tracked the suspect back to his residence. The suspect was found to be hiding on top of the roof of his residence by the PBSO helicopter. During apprehension, the suspect attempted to flee from a group of officers. The suspect was apprehended by Ofc. The victim told officers he parked his gold Jaguar on the grass at NW 17th Ave in order to go play Tennis at the park. The victim said he exited his vehicle and opened his trunk to retrieve some equipment.

The unknown suspect order to the victim to the ground. The victim said he kept his head down as the suspect walked away. When approaching Fort Myers Beach, a vacation destination in its own right, a decision has to be made. Some folks decide to leave the protection of the GICW and continue south to spend the 22 marinalife. We decided to head east on the Caloosahatchee River and stop for a while at the City of Palms: Fort Myers. Enjoying their tepid weather throughout the rest of January, we explored south Florida by car.

In February we continued our east-bound cruise up the Caloosahatchee River, eventually reaching the western shore of the seventh-largest freshwater lake in the country; Lake Okeechobee. However, we easily crossed the lake in just one day. The St. Despite the similarity in their names, each town is unique in its history or its culture and are all worthy of a visit. The ever-popular Cocoa Village Marina was a convenient location for us to enjoy the museums and tours in and around the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. Race fans know that Daytona Beach is home to the Daytonaheld in February each year. How cool would it be to stay aboard your boat during race weekend?

Or during Bike Week in March, like we did? If I had a nickel for every Harley that rumbled past our slip at the city marina, I could afford a new chart plotter! And if history is your passion, then plan to stop in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U. Augustine Lighthouse just before we reached the St. Augustine Municipal Marina. With so much to see and do, cruisers can easily maintain a pace that prevents wandering north of Jacksonville before April. Book an offshore charter and battle blue-water behemoths.

Fuel up or grab some bait. Rent a boat or kayak. Go diving or snorkeling. Or come catch a sunset, perhaps the biggest lure of all. Bill Fref out a long-range development plan that won the approval of the Corps of Engineers. It was to their advantage that after the vision was crafted, the Tenn-Tom Waterway opened the next winter. Today, the resort inn 85 units ranging from one- to 24 marinalife. All units have private bathrooms for each bedroom — perfect for a family vacation. The marina has slips and dry stack storage slips, all while accommodating vessels up to feet. Boat repairs are available on-site and the staff is well versed in both gas and diesel engines, along with electrical and hydraulic boat systems.

It is clear that any system of land inheritance must have mechanisms for restricting the number of heirs or wealth will be swiftly dissipated. Cuneiform documents from the 2nd millennium BCE state of Sippar show that land was inherited patrilineally and that inheritance was partible [ 46 ]. Harris [ 46p. This is the reason, they argue, for the prevalence of monogamy in the historical societies of Eurasia because they were based on intensive agriculture in conditions of land scarcity, so that landownership provided a major productive and therefore reproductive advantage. Systems of unigeniture, the transmission of wealth to one offspring only, take things a stage further.

We have seen above that unigeniture is a sensible strategy where only a small amount of wealth is available for transmission and there is some minimal threshold below which transmission does not lead to improved reproductive success. What accounts for situations where a large landed estate could be daating into several lots giving improved reproductive success but unigeniture prevails anyway? Mz, there is evidence that casuwl competition datig a viable amount of land reaches a certain level, this is precisely what happens e. Chu [ 48 ] provides a contrasting model, much more in keeping with the argument of this paper. Starting from the considerable historical and ethnographic evidence that family heads have often been explicitly concerned with ensuring the continuation of the family line, and also from the assumption that in traditional societies with limited if not non-existent capital markets, children who start with wealth stand a greater chance of themselves becoming rich, he creates a model of the division of inherited resources through the generations that minimizes the probability of lineage extinction and shows that primogeniture is a probable outcome.

It also emerges from his model that although unequal bequests increase inequality within a given generation they may actually increase upwards social mobility, in that they give a greater probability of occasional members of lower social groups becoming rich.

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Voland's historical demographic analysis ddating the community of Krummhorn datting north Germany in the eighteenth century daitng these conclusions. In this agricultural community in casuao fully occupied landscape, farms were kept together by a system of unigeniture, in this case Frfe the youngest son inherited the farm, and subsequent records demonstrate that elite farmers had much greater reproductive success than the general population over the long term: The predictions are also borne out by a recent study of resource competition and reproduction in Karo Batak villages in Indonesia by Kushnick [ 50 ].

He found that in those families with large landholdings, inter-birth intervals were longer following the birth of a son with at least one brother than in those families with no brothers, the opposite of the effect in landless families. First-born sons in landholding families also had much lower mortality than later ones; the difference was much slighter in landless families. Similar points are made by Boone [ 40 ] in his study of the fifteenth century Portugese nobility, and by Hill [ 51 ] in her evolutionary analysis of the situation of medieval religious women. Summers' paper on the evolutionary ecology of despotism [ 52 ] makes an argument on similar lines in many respects to that presented here, noting that aristocratic endogamy was a further means of ensuring the continuing existence of lineage land holdings cf.

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In a simple model where individuals are genetically the same but in two quality states, the higher the correlation between the state of parent and offspring as high quality is passed on over the generations, the greater the reproductive value of inn quality relative to low quality individuals in the long term. In the light of what we have seen above, such effects are likely to be relevant even in hunter—gatherer societies where only embodied and relational wealth are relevant, but much stronger in the case of the material capital represented by domestic animals and by land or other fixed assets, when they are the object of long-term investment and justify the potential payment of defence costs.

Thus we cannot simply look at the number of, say, grandchildren, to evaluate it.

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