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Side-Car Cribs, Bedside Cots, and Co-Sleepers

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Side-Car Cribs, Bedside Cots, and Co-Sleepers Bedside cots and co-sleepers used in the home Having your baby sleep in a cot or moses basket in the same room as a care-giver, for all day-time and night-time sleeps, until they are six months old, is a key piece of the advice given to new parents for reducing the risk of sudden infant death. Click here for more information about room-sharing. There are different types of furniture available that parents may use for keeping their babies close at night. Some parents place their baby to sleep in a standard cot, cradle or moses basket, located next to their bed or elsewhere in their bedroom.

This provides easy access to, and contact with, the baby, as well as a separate sleep surface. In the UK side-car cribs are relatively new to the market for home use, and are becoming increasingly popular. Do Not Buy Drop Sides Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for full-sized and portable cribs require the elimination of models with "drop-sides" that can be lowered for taking your baby out. Drop sides have been linked to at least 32 deaths over the past decade. If you used a drop-side for a child and had planned to reuse it for a younger sibling, don't. Your child is safer in a crib with stationary sides. Single Drop Gates A single drop gate, also called a single folding side, lets you lower a small portion of the crib's side instead of the entire side.

This avoids the safety hazard of a full drop side, while still making it easier to get your baby out. Mattress Height Full-sized cribs have at least two mattress-height positions; some even have three or four. To prevent your baby from falling over the side of the crib, adjust the mattress support to its lowest height as soon as she can sit or pull up, usually between 6 and 8 months of age. Many models don't require tools for adjusting mattress height, while in some models screws or bolts may be hard to reach. The distance between the mattress support in its lowest position and the top of the crib rail should be at least 26 inches.

Check before using the crib. Mattress Supports Most mattress supports consist of a metal frame suspended by stiff springs. In some cribs, the mattress support is a one-piece board; in others, it's just metal hangers screwed into a wooden frame that support a spring-wire grid frame, or a grid of wood slats. The mattress supports are adjustable so the mattress can be raised or lowered for the child's safety. Mattress supports should be held securely in place so they can't be dislodged when you're changing a crib sheet, if baby starts bouncing, or when a child or large pet pushes up from underneath.

Sides and Railings Crib sides are comprised of bars or spindles or slats fitted into holes in the top and bottom rails, then secured with glue and often one or two nails. The small holes made by the nails are usually filled and covered with a finish to make them almost invisible.

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You should measure with a ruler before buying or using a crib to be sure it meets that standard. Teething Rails These are smooth, plastic coverings for the top of the side rails to protect the crib and the gums and teeth of little ones who like to gnaw on the crib's rails. Teething rails should be built to stay in place and not crack or break. But if you have your eye on a model without wheels, don't change your mind just because you're planning to move the crib out of your room into a nursery when your baby turns 6 months.

Cribs are too wide to fit through standard doorways, so you're going to Cribs and cradles online dating to disassemble it anyway to make the move. If you'll be using a crib with casters on a bare wood or tile floor, be sure to Cribs and cradles online dating a model with casters that lock. This will prevent the crib from "walking" across the room from baby's momentum and also keep other children from taking your baby on a joy ride. Convertibility A convertible crib can come in handy when you want to transition your child to a toddler bed.

Many of them can be switched to a toddler bed by simply removing one side and adding a rail. Some parents report that the change from a crib to a toddler bed is so small that toddlers have an easier time making the transition. Also keep in mind that some convertible beds require parts that sometimes aren't included in the original purchase, such as bed rails, stabilizing rails, or support rails for converting to a full-sized bed. A key difference between converting a crib into a daybed vs. If you want to stretch your investment, some models will even convert to a full-sized bed frame.

But you'll still need to buy a full mattress, and as we said, possibly other rails and supports. One long side of the crib will become the headboard, and in some cases the other long side will become the footboard. Bottom Drawer Some models include a drawer or two under the mattress support structure. Most roll out from under the crib. Some cribs have a set of drawers attached to the short end of the unit. Before buying, pull any drawer all the way out to inspect its construction. You might find that it has a thin, cardboard-like bottom that could bend and give way when loaded with linens or clothing.

A bottom made of a harder material, such as fiberboard, will hold up better. Construction Materials Most cribs are made of wood, but other types of materials are used as well. Dark wood finishes are available, but you can also find cribs in lighter stains such as natural woods, oaks, maples, or classic white. Painted finishes include off-whites, washed whites revealing the wood's grainand pastel green, blue, pink, or yellow. A little roughness in the finish isn't a problem as long as there are no serious defects, such as splintering or peeling paint. It manufactures bedroom furniture for babies, kids, and adults.

Its crib offerings range from modern to the traditional. They can be found at specialty stores and online. Styles and prices vary. This brand, like its name implies, offers really modern baby furniture and at a very affordable price. The company does not mass merchandise to box stores, so check its website for retailers near you. Bassett manufactures cribs in the midprice range. This century-old company currently operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and its products—dressers, chests, and more—are available wherever juvenile products are sold and online.

The company has been in the baby business for more than 25 years, with more than 45 retail locations nationwide. The cribs tend to be in the high-end range. Its cribs, dressers, armoires, nightstands, and hutches are available at specialty stores. Founded in in Salem, Ind. Its cribs, dressers, and changing tables are available wherever baby nursery furniture products are sold online, including BuyBuy Baby, Wayfair, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. Available wherever juvenile products are sold.

Inits founder, Louis Shamie, became a first-time parent. Finding himself inspired by the new wonders of parenting, Shamie founded Delta Children's Products, which was incorporated in Today, the company makes strollers, bassinets, play yards, toddler furniture, and xating styles of cribs. Most of the company's cribs are in onlune economy and midpriced range, and can be found at mass retailers such as Baby Depot, Babies "R" Us, and Target. Ikea carries its own brand of cribs, which are priced in the economy range. Cribs and cradles for domestic use. Cradles - babiesneedcribs.

We are also known as Kids We started off as Kids Club 2 and now 20 years later are ready to open our doors to our online Bassinets and Baby Cribs: Nursery Furniture - nl. These bassinets look as good in your living room as they do in your master bedroom. Buy Handicraft Cribs and Cradles Online - shopclues. How about a bassinet that actually adds style to your home Find a bassinet to fit Baby Cribs: See more ideas about Baby cradle wooden, Wooden cribs and Baby rocking crib.

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