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Alpha Testo Gain: – You regularly go to the gym, eat healthy and have dedicated your entire life to a healthy body but you still have your desired success and your dream body ?! Many fitness fanatics feel the same way! It’s frustrating to trim yourself to your physical limits almost daily without getting proper muscle growth. In the delusion of obtaining the possible dream body, many fall back on steroids or other body-damaging stimulants. That one should not take such means, hopefully everyone is known. However, to help with natural muscle growth, there is now a wide range of dietary supplements or supplements made with natural oils,

Sometimes it is enough to change your lifestyle and thus to increase your testosterone. This is not enough for many athletes because they have a higher testosterone requirement.

Unfortunately, one must say at this point in advance, not every one of these means keeps what it promises and heard thoroughly tested for its effectiveness.

In today’s test: Alpha Testo Gain, the Muscle Building Supplement

Alpha Testo Gain is a newly developed formula designed to promote muscle growth and improve performance levels during exercise. It was specifically designed to help build muscle mass and improve performance during exercise, with the aim of maintaining a well-defined muscular body. A perfect support for your muscle building program. This muscle-building supplement efficiently and effectively delivers the desired results in a short span of time. It is a medically proven solution that not only helps build muscle mass, but also increases the level of energy in the body and causes it without side effects. – So the statement of the distributor. But we do not believe everything you want to sell to us without having to conduct an extensive test.

Our test

1st Price / Performance:

Alpha Testo Gain promises the greatest success in no time. You should expect performance increases of 200% and also experience constant performance boosts. Whether that is so true, we leave aside for the moment and focus on the price and the purchase of the product. At 69 €, Alpha Testo Gain is slightly above the average of such supplements. It can be purchased on various platforms such as Amazon, online pharmacies or the manufacturer itself. Unfortunately, you have to report here of unserious abnormalities. According to the manufacturer Alpha Testo Gain should be sold at a regular price of $69, but there is “currently” an action during which the product can be purchased for $49.95. Before we order a sample, bad sales mesh to make the article appear cheaper. Likewise, the “savings” when buying from the large ration packs are more like a trick to tempt to buy and do not testify to the quality of the product: There are three ration packs offered and you get two more on top of it and the whole thing with a saving of scarce 200 € … It is more like a cry for help than a good marketing gambit. In addition, the prices on the offering platforms also differ among themselves. Thus, Amazon, for example, cheaper than the manufacturer itself.

But we did not want to be put off by that and ordered it to be tested of course because even behind the worst marketing there can be a successful rocket.

A ration pack contains 90 taste-neutral hard capsules, which should be taken several times a day to achieve maximum success. It is promised that after a short time with a muscle growth is expected and also increased fat burning at constant training sessions or even without training (how to do that is a great mystery anyway). Up to 200% more power and an increased energy level and even potency increase should be the result of an Alpha Testo Gain.

Unfortunately, we cannot report on this result. Even after a month of taking no changes could be detected, very regrettable for the price.

2. Effectiveness and Ingredients:

Unfortunately, we could not be convinced of a positive effect in our test, so we started looking for the principle of effectiveness of this treatment. On the website neither any ingredients are listed nor is it described how the miracle pill should work. Only talk about more muscle gain due to more nitrogen dioxide in the muscles and “divine DNA change”. We looked at the whole thing a bit more closely and were able to quickly turn these slogans thrown into the room into big nonsense. Basically, under the topic of nitrogen in the muscles or rather known under the name “nitrogen balance” something to it. A positive nitrogen balance promotes muscle growth. How this works, we would like to briefly explain briefly,

” During their metabolism, nitrogen is produced, which must be eliminated via the kidney. For this purpose, it is first converted to urea in the liver. Nitrogen balance is the difference between absorbed and excreted nitrogen. ” In this case, the ingested protein is metabolised. For this reason, many athletes increase their daily protein intake, through even shakes or products, so that after metabolism no more protein degraded (negative balance) was recorded as.

Because according to ingredients (these are not revealed by the manufacturer on the website and this we could only see the package description):

L-arginine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-citrulline, L-glutamine, L-methionine, magnesium, zinc

However, even if there is not even an essential portion of real proteins in this supplement, such a physical change is unlikely.

Likewise, at this point, a change in the DNA is spoken. Basically, it’s hard to change human DNA, but researchers say it’s not impossible. Stem cells and even DNA can be altered by magnetic fields or, for example, cardiac coherence but not by ingesting muscle-building supplements or other medications.

3. Customer Satisfaction and Opinions on the web

Of course, customer satisfaction plays a big part in such a product. Satisfied customers are good customers and will be back. But in this area it looks rather bad. Dissatisfied customers complain on Amazon and other web portals about “thrown out money”, “false promises” or “rip off”. The same is reflected by the ratings.

4. Manufacturers, advertising and misleading marketing

Many websites warn against fraud committed by the manufacturers of thoraxes. With false before / after images is advertised, alleged celebrities or bodybuilders who should use the supplement or misleading advertising on Facebook or other portals.

Quirky pictures should lead to a “click” on the advertisement. But again, there is only a trick to lure readers or customers on their own website.

5. Conclusion

Of all the discrepancies, what prices, bad marketing or even misleading advertising detached and looking at the product as such, you have unfortunately then a poor record – just kidding on the edge 😉- leave. Alpha Testo Gain just does not hold up to its promise and is simply too expensive.

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