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Chinese Manufacturing. Delivery Date? What Delivery Date?

Deadline to sell manufacturibg order for a problem after CNY: However, we have run into more a few such actions that have been claimed by coders in other with the five vocational issues set individually above. Nor, we are not exactly ready, and we would precisely to download how much time we have to margin it to you.

A whole container arrived, delivered on manufacturinh. The objects were beautiful. The only problem was that the small ring required to hang the ornament from a tree was missing, making the entire shipment useless. Etched glass fixture installed between two sheets of glass in an argon filled custom window.

Custom door handles. The handles were well made and worked perfectly. This required the buyer to open every custom package to individually inspect each item. All of the above buyers made the same mistakes. They did not inspect the product in China and they paid for the product before they did their inspection in the U. Payment Terms. Most U. This raises an obvious problem for the buyer: Though it is Dating china manufacturing to litigate in China to resolve these issues assuming you have done everything right with your China OEM Agreement to allow for thisChinese factories understand that the total value of any single container of goods seldom justifies the cost of international litigation, so they simply do not care.

The solution to this problem is straight forward: Once you the buyer have clear control over these five issues, you can move on to other important issues. The Tet effect is nowhere near as sizable as Chinese New Year, but factories and businesses still shut down for a week to allow workers to spend time with their families. Put a Quality Management Plan into place The last thing you want is for an order of goods that has quality issues to ship right before CNY. Sometimes quality can take a back seat as the factory is producing in high gear and is in a rush to get product out the door.

This is yet another time when a trusted supplier or manufacturer relationship will help tremendously.

Take advantage of Vendor-Managed Inventory Vendor-Managed Inventory VMI is a business model that allows manufaxturing vendor and a buyer to maintain an agreed level of inventory for a product. The vendor will ensure the required level of inventory is maintained by ordering manuvacturing efficiently and adjusting for seasonal demand and shift in the market, helping to reduce the cost for the buyer. Your vendor will normally need your sales history and current inventory on hand to forecast your demand and develop an ordering schedule. VMI is ideal for those who find long lead times challenging and to deal with holidays like CNY, which could wreak havoc on a supply chain without proper planning.

Having the forecast we mentioned or increased inventory on hand should help tide you over until the factories are producing at full capacity again. The earlier you begin, the better your supply chain will be.

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Analyze your sales history from the past year, start putting a forecast together and work with your suppliers and manufacturing partners now to begin planning for the upcoming Chinese holiday. Knowing what to expect during CNY is only half the battle. Being well prepared is the best way to alleviate any negative impact on your supply chain. We hope these 10 tips reduce the CNY stress and contribute to a successful plan and smooth sailing through the next Chinese New Year. Plan Ahead for Other Chinese Holidays Chinese New Year may be the biggest holiday but there are actually several other Chinese holidays that could have an affect on your business.

Therefore, if you already know that you will need goods for the upcoming spring season, you should consider ordering now.

Manufacturing Dating china

Some suppliers are well organized and may inform you in advance. Here is a template you may use to get in touch with your suppliers and verify their CNY holiday schedule: Dear [supplier name],We are planning to place a new order with you which should be shipped before the Chinese New Year holiday. However, we are not fully ready, and we would like to clarify how much time we have to send it to you. Therefore, may I ask you to confirm your: Factory closing date:

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