How to Increase Potency and Libido in Men

Male Enhancement

Thanks to nature, food and natural aphrodisiacs. The legendary seducer is said to have eaten oysters. In our conditions, it is difficult to recommend them, but we have plenty of other foods available that can improve sexual function.

Sexuality is of great importance, especially for men, because according to research (carried out by Americans) a man thinks about sex at least six times a day. Initially, it is a joyful, optimistic thinking, with time more and more fears in it that are not unfounded, because our lifestyle is not conducive to flourishing or maintaining sexual performance. With age, it may decrease, but does it have to? Not necessarily.

Valued Testosterone

If you think that testosterone level is the main factor affecting your potency, you are wrong. Yes, testosterone makes men want sex and adequate vitality, but that does not mean that testosterone eliminates the impact of all neglect and sins against potency, which is rife in our daily lives.

Do you know that food and cholesterol are the main sins? Even testosterone will not help if the ingredients that increase the level of bad cholesterol dominate in the diet. Cholesterol blocks the flow of blood in the body, settles in the vessels limiting their bandwidth, lowering efficiency, blocking the blood supply to the penis!

Potency diet

You may not be overweight at all and you are not going to go on a diet, but the fact that you are not eating a unhealthy diet does not mean that it does not affect you. The first symptom of its harmful effects may be problems with potential that will appear with age.

So, although you’re not going to lose weight (and if you’re going to do it all the more), take a look at your diet. Eliminate foods containing large amounts of animal fats, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, you also have to eat fats, but give yourself mainly unsaturated fats. You do not need to mention about the fact that you should also limit the consumption of coffee, alcohol and eliminate smoking – these are the main threats to the condition of your penis. Similar recommendations also apply to women – the level of their libido is also the result of many factors, including diet and lifestyle.

Be like Casanova thanks to food – what to look for?

Healthy eating is perhaps too general a concept, so below you will find a list of these nutrients, whose consumption improves potency, and shortages can lead to its decline.

Wonderful vitamin C

Vitamin C is good for everything. For potency also. Vitamin C is a specific ‘vacuum’ cleaner. It cleanses the blood vessels from its excess, and also improves metabolism. It is obvious that we will find it in vegetables and fruits, most in parsley, citrus, and paprika. Let’s also remember about tomatoes, strawberries and black currants. In the case of deficiencies, the supplements are indicated, the more that this vitamin quickly dies and inadequate food processing before consumption can easily kill it.

Vitamin E or the elixir of youth

It protects against free radicals, but also primarily affects the improvement of blood vessel elasticity while protecting red blood cells from disintegration. Since the blood supply to the penis (and genital organs in general) is an important factor in the health of sex and its quality, let us remember that this vitamin does not run out in our diet. A lot of vitamin E can be found in vegetables and fruits, but they contain it in small quantities. It is advisable to use soy and maize oil (eg for salads), and in the end, supplementation.

Zinc, or not necessarily oysters

Casanova ate oysters, and with them a lot of zinc. It contains various seafood (and not only) in large quantities. It is difficult to confirm the aphrodisiacal effect of oysters, however, it is known that zinc is a necessary potency. Increases sexual performance, is one of the most important minerals responsible for the prevention of prostate diseases. In addition, zinc affects the level of testosterone. We find it in seafood, nuts and bran. There is enough soy in soy, but soys should be careful with soy, because it is a rich source of female phytohormones.

What about testosterone?

Of course, testosterone levels are also worth taking care of, but, most importantly, this level should be moderate. Neither the excess nor the deficiency of the hormone, and even more so its fluctuations are not good for the body, as a result the potential may also suffer.

If you want to take care of your testosterone, go for nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil. Do not avoid meat, but lean (healthy, preferably from trusted organic farms, will not be stuffed with hormones) and fish. Eat cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. You definitely avoid alcohol, although one glass of wine a day (or a glass of cognac) certainly will not hurt you, excess alcohol (attention!) Makes part of testosterone transforms into estrogen, which is a female hormone.

And is aphrodisiacs worth using?

Definitely yes, but the natural ones, known and used for years, ginseng or Japanese ginkgo. All those products that are recommended for concentration (improve blood supply) should also positively affect the potency. It is worth paying attention to spices such as pepper, basil or nutmeg and leave mint, St. John’s wort, and hawthorn – because these plants show some healing effects of potency are definitely harmful.

Finally, one more remark: the potential depends on the condition of the body.

Movement is therefore indispensable. Sloth is not conducive to deriving satisfaction from sexual life. Everyday walk will provide you with bed performance, and even better will be cycling, which because of such and no other position (on the saddle) and a lot of effort perfectly stimulates the sexual organs. It is even recommended in the prevention of prostate diseases.

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