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Potency is the ability to do something, to take some kind of activity, such as sexual activity. According to Wikipedia, “sexual potential has two meanings” – we will tell you about them in a moment. I will also try to answer the question where do the problems with the potential come from and if we can somehow remedy them by referring (or not) to the knowledge of medical authorities.

Potency according to Wikipedia, or how sexology defines potency

Potency is the body’s ability to respond to sexual stimuli with a readiness to take a relationship. Its strength or intensity is measured by the frequency of these reactions in a unit of time adopted in the study. In other words, the greater the potential, the more we react to stimuli – this is the first sexological definition.

According to the second definition (also given in Wikipedia), potency is a kind of expression of sexual performance, a measure of this fitness as the ability to perform sexual functions. In this case, readiness to take a relationship is a secondary matter. What is more important is the ability to start it, maintain excitement during intercourse, and the ability to satisfactorily end the sexual act. In an even broader sense potency is defined as the ability to lead a successful sex life, the ability to provide satisfaction to the partner and the ability to fertilize.

Potency Disorders

Potency is not the domain of men, although it is most often used in relation to the masters of this term. This is most likely because it is one of the most important factors contributing to the self-confidence of representatives of this gender. In the life of women, potency does not play such a big role, although it does not mean, of course, that the ability to lead a satisfying sex life is not something you want most.

Potency disorders and problems with libido worsen the quality of life, and as many women can cope with it, so much in men, such disorders seriously affect the psyche.

What are the potency disorders? In the simplest terms (I give after Wikipedia):

* inability of sexual arousal,

* Inability of sexual organs to react to situations causing excitement (lack of erection in men or lack of sexual readiness in women),

* Inability to perform sexually well (here comes a whole range of disorders, including erectile dysfunction and disorders ejaculation),

* Inability to achieve orgasm (a phenomenon occurring in both women and men).


Men’s Potential

It is her devoted to the most attention, because the ability to respond adequately to sexual stimuli, the ability to give pleasure to the partner and the desire and even the need to enjoy sex are very strongly inscribed in masculinity. The concept of masculinity in turn is something so strongly rooted in our culture (we are still living in the patriarchal system), that every scratch on masculinity (also a crack in the form of problems with potential) immediately affects the self-esteem of the majority of men. Although we are increasingly aware of the existence of erectile dysfunction and potential problems that are inextricably linked to changes in our lifestyle, the problem of potency is still in a sense a taboo subject, which is not overcome by the ubiquitous advertising of potency-enhancing agents.It is taboo that makes us search for diagonal information (in places that ensure anonymity, e.g. on the Internet) instead of going to the doctor, diagnose the source of the problem and lead to its removal.

The problem is serious, because the inability to achieve an erection and other erectile dysfunction in eighty percent of cases have a physiological basis. At the root of such a state of affairs are often diseases that can be cured quite quickly and without any problems. The remaining 20% ​​of potential problems are psychological. These are mainly fears and inhibitions, over which, with the help of a specialist (sexologist or psychotherapist), you can control yourself.

Potency is something that can be treated, improved, improved, and since its influence on male self-esteem is so great, it is worth treating, improving and improving it.

Women’s Potential

The question of potency in women looks a bit different. In the case of women, mental issues play a much greater role, and relatively rarely problems with the potential are the result of genital diseases, disorders in the hormonal economy or diseases of the nervous system. The potential of women is formed in childhood and from this period ladies can be a lot of “traumas” affecting the reduction of libido or a complete lack of it. On the other hand, in order to feel the excitement of a woman, it is necessary to provide her with the right conditions. While men often mobilize sexually in stressful situations and treat sex as a way to relieve stress, women need a peaceful, relaxed and safe feeling to have a good sex life.

Problems with potential should be diagnosed and treated, but if they occur occasionally if necessary, and sometimes just to diversify sexual life or to increase the intensity of sensations, it is worth using potency enhancers in men and women. And I do not mean the famous blue tablet at all.

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