Products that Should Not Be Missing in the Male Diet

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Nothing new? Maybe so, but this time I decided to focus on the recommendation of very specific food products that are not so much for potency as for men’s health and fitness as such.

The task for you the reader is simple: scan this list, remember the products and make sure that you do not run out of them in your diet.

Red Meat

It’s healthy and high-protein. It contains little fat, but it has a mega amino acid potential. This is a great source of leucine, which is crucial for muscle mass, and thus also for the entire hormonal profile (and health) of the average person. What else? It is a great source of iron. By eating steaks, you will prevent anemia deficiency.

Cherries – Also good, because it’s red

For some time, cherries have been under the microscope of scientists. They were given not only the title of functional food, but also the one that has a very positive effect on health. Above all, they are a great source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. If you drink a lot of beer (note!) Some even say that the cherry extract can reduce the discomfort associated with the gout, and if so, it may well protect you from it.

Chocolate (bitter) or just Cocoa

It contains flavonoids that have a very good effect on the cardiovascular system and have a positive effect on blood flow. Eating bitter chocolate from time to time or drinking cocoa you will protect yourself against the effects of circulatory problems – including the potential problems arising from them.

Oysters and Seafood

Seafood contains a lot of zinc, especially the zinc-rich are oysters. I wrote about it recently. Some studies indicate that zinc deficiency can lower testosterone levels and adversely affect potency. If you take care of the correct supply of zinc, you have a chance to become a modern Casanova (he supposedly loved oysters).

An Avocado

Also good and healthy – is a source of good fats. Its presence in the diet can protect you from demonic bad cholesterol , but apart from cholesterol – it’s just really a healthy fruit.

Greasy Fish

Salmon, mackerel and even herring are another source of good omega-3 fats that improve the lipid profile, protect the cardiovascular system against illnesses, are apparently necessary for maintaining a healthy weight, good mood and intellectual performance. Some studies also indicate that omega-3 deficiencies can cause infertility. So take care of the appropriate supply of these acids.


A highly underestimated spice with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. I do not know if you know, but many of today’s health ills are mainly due to the fact that an ill-fed organism regularly undergoes some inflammation. Even if they are invisible and theoretically asymptomatic, they may result in the development of very serious diseases in the long term. Eat ginger and no inflammation will be terrible. Additionally, remember that this spice works slightly anesthetically and warming up. It is believed that it can be very beneficial for overtraining and muscle damage and pain.

Natural Yogurt, Cream and Butter

So what if they’re fat? Well, nothing. If you take care of your diet, no fat will harm you, and greasy yogurts (eg Greek) eat worth due to the bacteria contained in them, which indirectly strengthen immunity, and directly care for the proper functioning of the intestines. Sour cream? It contains saturated fatty acids, in a healthy, tasty and easily assimilable form. Do not be afraid – if you have not chemically treated it, cream should not hurt you, as dieters say diet is the most healthy diet. When it comes to butter, remember that it is a great source of vitamin D – no less important for health and fitness than the elements mentioned above.

Brazil Nuts

Do not overdo it, but know that by eating it in small amounts, you will provide the body with access to such a quantity of selenium that the body will really appreciate it, especially the thyroid, which may begin to fail at a certain age. In addition, selenium is essential for good immunity.

Tomatoes and red vegetables

They provide ingredients with anticancer activity. Lycopene from tomatoes is particularly valuable, but beta-carotene is also doing well in this field. It is believed that eating red vegetables can prevent the development of prostatic hyperplasia. These vegetables genuinely protect masculinity.

Green Vegetables

It’s something for hormones, thanks to them your hormones will start to function like in a Swiss watch. Of course, I am exaggerating a little, because the most important is the proper balancing of foods, but if you take care of the fact that some of the greens appear in your daily diet (I do not know why many guys have an aversion to it!) You will be won. Seriously. You will win better health protection and health.

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