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Eibhabe din jete laglo ar Ajay babuder sathe amar ghanistota barte laglo. Anita debi amar somo-boyosee houai amra dujon dujon ken am dhorei daki, amra dujon dujoner sathe khub hasi thatta kori, Ajay babu o khub moja koren amader sathe. Bengali was an official court language of the Sultanate of Bengal. Muslim rulers promoted the literary development of Bengali.

The modern literary form of Bengali was developed during the 19th and early 20th centuries based on the Se spoken in the Nadia regiona west-central Bengali dialect. Bengali presents a strong case of diglossiawith the literary and standard form differing greatly from the colloquial speech of the regions that identify with the language. On the day of 21 February five students and political activists were killed during protests near the campus of the University of Dhaka. In Bengali was made a state language of Pakistan.

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Inthe parliament of Bangladesh and the legislative assembly of West Bengal proposed bengsli Bengali be made an official Chta language, [31] though no further action was exale on this matter. Geographical chatt Approximate distribution of native Bengali speakers assuming a rounded total of million worldwide. Bangladesh A Bengali sign in Kn Lane in Londonwhich is home to a large Bengali diaspora Besides the native region it is also spoken by the Bengalis living in Tripurasouthern Assam and the Bengali population in the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Bengali is also spoken in the neighboring states of OdishaBiharand Jharkhandand sizable minorities of Bengali speakers reside in Indian cities outside Bengal, including DelhiMumbaiVaranasiand Vrindavan. Official status See also: States of India by Bengali speakers Bengali is national and official language of Bangladeshand one of the 23 official languages in India. It is also a recognized secondary language in the City of Karachi in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is believed by many that the national anthem of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Matha was inspired by a Bengali poem written by Rabindranath Tagore[45] [46] [47] [48] while some even believe the anthem was originally written in Bengali and then translated into Sinhalese.

Bengali dialects Regional variation in spoken Bengali constitutes a dialect continuum.

Linguist Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay grouped these dialects exammle four large clusters — RarhBangaKamarupa and Varendra ; [54] but many alternative grouping schemes have also been proposed. In the dialects prevalent in much of eastern and south-eastern Bangladesh BarisalChittagongDhaka and Sylhet Divisions of Bangladeshmany of the stops and affricates heard in West Bengal are pronounced as fricatives. The influence of Tibeto-Burman languages on the phonology of Eastern Bengali is seen through the lack of nasalized vowels and an alveolar articulation of what are categorised as the "cerebral" consonants as opposed to the postalveolar articulation of West Bengal.

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